Each one of our Indian dishes has its own, unique story to tell.

The balance of sweet and savoury in Indian cuisine creates complex and contrasting flavours. Our dishes are generally built on layers of flavours with a symphony of spices carefully and cleverly combined to create mouth-watering one-of-a-kind taste sensations.

So whether you’re new to Indian cuisine or a long-time lover of this rich and truly delicious style of food, you’re bound to find something you love on our menu. We have all of your favourites, but why not try something new? When you bite into the aromatic flavour of any one of our dishes, you’ll understand why there is no substitute for Bombay Babu Indian food.


  • Papadum 0.90

    Thin Indian crispy cuisine

  • Spicy Papadum 0.90

    Spicy thin Indian crispy cuisine

  • Pickle Tray 3.55

    3 bowls: mango chutney, spicy onions, mint yogurt

  • Tamarind Sauce 0.90

    Bittersweet sauce from the fruit of tamarind

  • Hot & Spicy Garlic Sauce 0.90

    Spicy mayonnaise garlic Sauce

  • Chilli Sauce 0.90

    Own made Hot Chili sauce with fresh chili