Bringing you the best Indian Tandoori Food in Tenerife.

We are a family-run restaurant group with an insatiable appetite for serving up some of the finest South-Asian cuisine, this side of the Atlantic. Our mission is to take you on a culinary journey back to India.

Our story began in 2010 when we opened our first Indian restaurant in Tenerife, and ever since, we’ve been indulging our guests with colourful and comforting dishes that explore rich and authentic influences from North Indian regions.

Bombay Babu was born out of a dream to share our families’ traditional heirloom recipes with the world and we couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to do this. We invite you to take a seat at our table as we honour our heritage and celebrate India’s world-famous food.


Fusion from east to west

Expect an explosion of colour and culinary artistry in our rich and vibrant dishes. We specialise in Mogul cuisine, which is known for being extensively spiced yet subtly flavoured. From east to west our menu seeks to beautifully unite the most popular tastes and flavours, giving our guests the freedom to choose their perfect dish on any given day. Our extraordinary chefs marry up tradition with modern cooking techniques to excite and overwhelm the senses with authentic aromas from the moment you arrive.

Our Restaurants

A taste of India
straight to your plate

Although our food takes centre stage, we have embraced the individuality of each restaurant location. From treasuring the natural beauty of La Tejita’s mesmerising ocean views with floor to ceiling windows, to the cosmopolitan feel of our central duke shops restaurant. We recognise that not everybody will be looking for the same experience, so although you can expect the same quality when it comes to the food, we hope to provide a considered approach at each of our locations.

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